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Porcelain tiles are a unique combination of shades of colour and surface finishes. They are extremely resistant to weather, frost, stains, scratches, slipping and bending.

Porcelain tiles may be glazed, polished or unglazed to suit a range of interior applications. They are also capable of imitating natural stone and come in a number of look-alikes such as limestone, marble and travertine.

They are characterized by refined, elegant tones and lines, and their unmistakable style will beautify any home and non-residential project, both inside and outside.

Also known as vitrified tiles, they are often pressed under greater pressure during the manufacturing process and are fired at extremely high temperatures.

This combined process makes them highly resistant to abrasion, chemical exposure and they have a very low water absorption rate (>0.1%) which makes them frost proof. These characteristics make these tiles an ideal solution for high traffic areas.