Fusion BLUE Brick Subways 60 x 250

Fusion BLUE Brick Subways 60 x 250


Fusion BLUE Brick Subways 60 x 250

Fusion is brick-size porcelain stoneware that evokes the craftsmanship of handmade ceramics and,

through nine super-trendy shades, designs walls with vibrant tactile energy.

Superior technology and raw materials reflect extra-bright surfaces charged with depth.

The glazes give the walls an intoxicating glow and transform the space, which becomes vibrant and irresistible.

Fusion gives every household surface a tactile appeal. The small, glossy, irregular modules are ideal for wall coverings.

Every single 6×25 module expresses something unique and original.

NovaBell’s small surfaces embody authenticity and, like handcrafted surfaces, above all convey variability and exclusivity.

Only stocked in 4 x Colours  (not all 9):

Blue  (NUBFUS325)  –  Aquamarine  (NUBFUS625)  –  Smeraldo  (NUBFUS725)  –  Bianco  (NUBFUS825)

60 x 250 mm  –  RRP is $ 130.00 / sqm  –  0.75 sqm per Box


Discounts are available for Larger Quantities

Made in Italy by the Novabell Factory  –  Stock ex Brisbane QLD  –  GC 15

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