FUME Oak Bianco – Vinyl Planks

FUME Oak Bianco – Vinyl Planks

Loose Lay, Timber Look Vinyl, Floor Planks  –  Wear Layer of 0.55mm

With Glass Fibre & Polyurethane Reinforcement  –  Tile Format with Bevelled Edges

Manufacturer’s Warranty  –  15 Year Residential  –  7 year Commercial

100% Recyclable  –  Do Not Contain any Harmful Fillers or Plasticizers  –  Free From VOC Emissions & Formaldehyde

Wide Variety of Natural Wood Designs  –  Containing Light to Dark Shades

Also see our Other Vinyl Ranges  –  Search for “Woodland” and “Starbucks”

Classification:  Residential 21  –  Commercial 32  –  Industrial 42

R9 Slip Resistance Rating  –  Suitable for Use with Underfloor Heating: To Maximum 27⁰C

Residual Indentation: < 0.10 mm  –  Proven with No Damage from Furniture Legs or Castor Chairs

Impact Sound Reduction: Δ Lw = 8 dB  –  Reduction of In Room Impact Noise: Class II

228.6 mm Wide  x  1,524 mm Long  x  5 mm Thick  –  $ 60.00 / sqm

Code: 5MTCFUMEOAKBIAN  –  Discounts are Available for Larger Quantities

Packed as 6 pcs / 2.088 sqm / 22 kgs Per Box  –  And 48 boxes / 100.2227 sqm Per Pallet

IMPORTANT  –  We Recommended ONE Glue Only for all Jobs  –  Pressure Sensitive UZIN KE200S

The Use of any Other Glue voids the Warranty

The Instructions as per Attached Glue Specifications / Product Data Sheet must be Followed

KE2000 Tech Spec Master ADHESIVE

KE2000 Tech Spec PR Floors ADHESIVE


Guidelines to Laying Vinyl  –  Common Practices by Layers

It is suggested to Acclimatize the Product for 48 hours within the Environment it’s going to be Laid in.

It helps to Expose the Product by Opening / Un-Sealing most of the Boxes to the Ambient Temperature it will be Living in.

So for Example, it may help turning the Air Con on if the Client will be Using the Vinyl in those Conditions the Majority of the Time.

Laying the Product row by row Apparently is the way to go.  The cut Piece at the End is to be the First Piece of the Next Row, etc.

This ensures that the Jointing is Laid at the most Random Pattern.

Grout Lines are to be Screeded with Self-Levelling Products prior, to Ensure that the Product doesn’t “Mould” to the Substrate.

Ex Brisbane Stock  –  GC 1

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