VM 1032 – Verdi Cristallo H. + Thassos P. – CHEVRON Mosaic

VM 1032 – Verdi Cristallo H. + Thassos P. – CHEVRON Mosaic

  • Verdi Cristallo (or Ming Green) Honed Marble  –  Mixed with Thassos Polished Marble
  • Chevron Mosaic on Mesh Backing  –  12.93 sheets per Sqm  –  5 sheets per Box
  • 294 x 263 x 10mm  –  $ 50.00 / sheet  (+ Freight)

Verdi Cristallo (or Ming Green) exhibits subtle & various tones from white through to grey, & luminous greens within a deep crystal structure.

The stone when presented as mosaic, blends easily into the space, as the grey tones harmonise well with popular cement, basalt or dark inky floors.

On trend black tapware completes this classic, contemporary look.

A note to Trades – This stone cuts well and is not moisture sensitive – But sealing is Recommended.

Available in – Herringbone, Chevron, Fan / Scales, Alhambra, Hexagon, Long Hex, Arabesque, Penny Round, Subway Tile

* Please Note: Variation in colour and shade are Normal occurrences with all Natural Stone products and should be Expected.

Our images represent, but may not Indicate, all of these Occurrences *

  • Discounts are Available for Larger Quantities
  • Ex Wollongong, NSW
  • GC 30

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